About Alpha & Omega Christian Montessori School & Tutoring Services
Alpha & Omega Christian Montessori School & Tutoring Services
Contact: Leslie-Ann Thomas
142 Surbray Grove
Mississauga ,  ON
Canada ,  L5B 2E1

Telephone: 6474645317

Website: www.alphaandomegaeducation.com
Email: info@alphaandomegaeducation.ca

About Alpha & Omega Christian Montessori School & Tutoring Services

Our Mission Statement

Alpha and Omega is built on the foundation that “For to me to live is Christ…” Philippians 1:21.  In everything we do and in all that we are, we only want to glorify God, in Jesus Name. HE is our light, our salvation and our foundation.

Alpha and Omega was created to educate children and their families about the love of Christ and to foster a child’s independence and their
natural curiosity. We accomplish this by providing a Christian Montessori education that honours the individual God given gifts of the child, growing and sustaining a strong passion for learning and Biblical principles, and preparing them for academic excellence and having a stewards heart.

Each child has the opportunity to experience academic and personal success and God’s love, through teachers’ modeling of Christ-likeness at
work. At Alpha & Omega, our goal is to help your child to develop respect for God, others, him/herself, the learning environment and the tools he/she uses in work and play.

Alpha & Omega Christian Montessori School and Tutoring provides an enriched and diverse learning environment for our students.


Founded in May 2017, the school is located in Mississauga, Ontario and reflects the various backgrounds and cultures of the area.


Our staff are eager to pass on their knowledge and experience to our students.


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